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Success Stories

Tyler and Lili

Tyler and her brother were students in the Open Doors program at the Next Generation Zone in 2016. Next Gen Zone Career Specialist, Sarah, worked with the management at Taste Café and created a work experience opportunity for Tyler.  Tyler thrived in her new work environment and was ultimately hired. The business’s new owners, Jim and Mary Ann, asked Tyler if she would reach out to the Next Gen Zone to continue a work experience relationship with a new student. Jim and Mary requested that Tyler manage the process from the business side, as she is now the Assistant Manager and a college student. Sarah and Tyler worked together to set up new work experience contract for another student, Lili. Tyler emphasized the importance for students that participate in the work experience opportunities to prioritize their education and complete their High School Equivalency certificate. Lili is now working with Tyler at Taste Café and is learning the job from her Next Gen Zone Alumni, who is experiencing a full circle moment!