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High School Equivalency (GED) Enrollment

High School Re-engagement

Formerly known as the GED, a high school equivalency consists of four subjects; English, Math, Science, and Social Studies; and with a passing score of 160 per subject, you'll attain a diploma and promote your ability to select jobs with higher wages. 

Our classroom is operated in partnership with Open Doors Spokane County and Spokane Community College. We provide high school equivalency for students that have previously dropped out of school. Students are matched with a case manager and career specialist to link the classroom with career skills learning and provide wrap-around support. Assessment, instruction, and testing are available for all young adults ages 16-24.


Career Success

Your Passport to Career Success will take you step-by-step on your journey to a career. Plan your Adventure, Learn the Language, Prepare your Travel Tools, and Take Off on your ultimate adventure!

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