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High School Equivalency (GED) Enrollment

High School Re-engagement

Formerly known as the GED, the high school equivalency consists of four subjects: 

Mathematical Reasoning Graphic

Mathematical Reasoning

Topics include:

  • Basic Math
  • Geometry
  • Basic Algebra
  • Graphs and Functions

Graphic for Language Arts

Reasoning Through Language Arts

Topics include:

  • Reading for Meaning
  • Identifying and Creating Arguments
  • Grammar and Language

Graphic for Science


Topics include:

  • Reading for Meaning in Science
  • Designing and Interpreting Science Experiments
  • Using Numbers and Graphics in Science

Graphic for Social Studies

Social Studies

Topics include:

  • Reading for Meaning in Social Studies
  • Analyzing Historical Events and Arguments in Social Studies
  • Using Numbers and Graphs in Social Studies

145 is the Magic Number

With a passing score of 145 per subject, you'll attain a high school diploma equivalent and enhance your ability to select jobs with higher wages. ​Assessment, instruction, and testing are available for all young adults ages 16-24.

Our classroom is operated in partnership with the following agencies and their programs:

The Education Team at the Next Generation Zone provides direct support to students that have previously dropped out of school. Our students can expect the following:

  • A dedicated case manager for education counseling
  • A dedicated career specialist for job-related support and needs

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